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Broad Band Project in Kirkoswald Parish – Where are we at

Most landowners have received their wayleave pack and if we have missed any please contact Brian Smythe. All landowners whom we have spoken to are very positive with some signed already. The siting of the cabinet has been agreed.

Most people in the Parish have received their B4RN leaflet. We urge you to read it and sign up. The more people who sign up soon the greater our chances of success.

Don’t let this fail for lack of support like the bid to bring gas to K’o did. People said they were happy as they were and now pay twice the price for their heating than they would have done. Look to the future and the future for broadband is B4RN. You might have to arrange other things for telephones or television but for some small inconvenience now you will future proof your connection. Even where we have fibre to the cabinet in KO village, the more people who use the service the worse it gets. This does not happen with B4RN’s full fibre to the house and for those who need fast uploads this is standard.

Some people have said they don’t know B4RN. They are relatively young at 10 years old but their customer service and reliability are excellent.

Dave Ryall from B4RN visited the Parish and was shown those properties that were worried about how they would get the fibre into their property. He was absolutely confident that nothing he saw or was told of would defeat them. There may have to be some road digs through K’o and Renwick but this will not affect the cost of connection to the householder.

Some myths persisting
Businesses have to pay VAT – No they don’t in fact they get a free connection
Lonsdale are going to deliver – we have asked their new owners Voneus when and at what cost and they will not say. B4RN have committed to connecting 100% of the parish to their network.
They can’t get to my property – yes they will, but we can’t say exactly how until the network design is completed, but they will connect you
If they have to dig up the road connection will cost me more – No it won’t because this is a community project

If the vouchers don’t cover the scheme that’s where the B4RN share offers come in. The share scheme offers investors 5% per annum and their money back after 3 years plus a free connection if you invest £1,500.

If you are still undecided just take a leap of faith for your own sake, for the sake of your neighbours and for the sake of the whole community.

Please register at Get B4RN to ensure that your voucher helps the whole community.

Sue Quinn
01768 898 543

Brian Smythe
01768 898474